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Building Control Update 1st March 2014               

The building control system in Ireland is changing from 1st March 2014.

To ensure that all houses, commercial buildings, farm buildings, etc are built in accordance with the Building Regulations, and to avoid problems of the kind We've seen over the past few years in the likes of Priory Hall in Dublin, The Government have introduced a new Building Control system to take effect from 1st March 2014.

Over the past number of weeks, our team has been studying up on the new system and We're now fully au fait with what the changes are.

If you're planning on building a rural house, a commercial building, or farm buildings, We can take you through the changes and put you at ease as to what's now required. These changes will mean a bit more paperwork to be completed prior to commencement of any project, but these changes should be welcomed, as they will safeguard Homeowners by introducing more oversight and more regulation  and ensure that you get a home that complies with the Building Regulations in terms of Fire Safety, Disabled Access, Energy Efficiency, and lots more.





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